Below are some of my favorite pictures from my adventures in medicine:

One of my favorite stops during the interview trail: Savannah, Georgia. 
These photographs are from the beautiful downtown historic district. 


This is CVVH Therapy, a variation of plasmapheresis, done on L.H., a 14 year old boy who had end stage ALL, s/p chemo and radiation therapy. He is a transfer from Univ Southern Alabama, and this therapy is a last ditch effort to ensure he wakes up from his coma. It required 5 L of plasma form donations, effectively making a dent in the supply in the area. Hence the lesson in medical ethics: the good of one vs. the good of many.

Photo taken using Instagram App on the IPhone.

These photos are from a medical service learning trip with FSU College of Medicine to Managua, Nicaragua on July 2009. 

The whole group

Camillo, their awesome monkey


These photographs are from Buff Bay, Jamaica during a service learning trip I participated in during the Spring Break of 2006 with CAMEO from Tallahassee, FL. 

An operating room in one of their hospitals.

The maternity ward.

The childhood day care center.

A man resting on a dilapidated hospital bed.

Photo taken during one day of clinic.

Taking showers in a river.

Wound care.